Entry #13: Little Truths, Barack Obama's, "of Thee I Sing" and Rising Above the Ego Clutter

Entry #12: Feeling of Joy, Heaven and Nature Sing!

Entry #11 Denial (My Favorite Place), My Father's Message, and Loving As A Constant State

Entry #10 In All Things of Nature, There is Something of the Marvelous

Entry #9: My Relationships Are A Mirror of Myself, Physical Principals of The Secret and The United Methodist Church

Entry #8 How Can I Love You Better? Mallika Chopra's Intent and Dream

Entry # 7: The Most Important Thing in Life is to Be Capable of Loving

Entry # 6 : I Go To My YOGI Tea Bags For The Message of Self and Universal Love

Entry #5 Unconditional Love in Marriage/Relationships Even During a Full Mooni

Entry #4 I Got Over Myself! You Want A Medal? React Much? Oh Please!

Entry #3 Jackie Manzo from Housewives of NJ Gets Over Herself and The Energy Changes...

Entry #2 The Teachers/Readings/Writings Behind the Practice of Unconditional Love

Entry #1 Get Over Yourself Principles For Adult (Intrapersonal) And That Means You and Me